About PK Management


Greg Perlman started out in the affordable housing industry in 1999. But, his commitment and dedication to providing safe, decent and sanitary housing for the poorest and most vulnerable in our society has remained unchanged. In 2003, Greg Perlman purchased a portfolio of 1,909 units of Senior Affordable Housing from the CEO of Associated Estates Realty Corporation (AEC) in Northeastern Ohio. AEC continued to manage the operations and Tax Credit rehabs post acquisition. In 2005, Mr. Perlman purchased Thetford portfolio and self-managed these assets under Coldwater Management, LLC.

In 2007, the Perlman Foundation was created with the idea of helping our residents realize their full potential. The Perlman Foundation has provided college scholarships, holiday gifts, musical instruments, a down payment for first time home buyersand so much more. In 2014, the Perlman Foundation officially changed its name to ALL WAYS UP. This change reflects the organization’s expanding base of partnerships, widening reach and continuing devotion to create unique and powerful ways to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement. You can read all about the Foundation at www.allwaysup.org.

In January 1, 2008, of Coldwater Management, LLC and the Affordable Housing Division of AEC, were merged and PK Management, LLC was formed.

Where We Are Now

PK Management currently manages over 18,000 units spread throughout 151 properties in 23 states. Our team is dedicated to providing our residents with not only affordable housing options, but also a wide range of resources and amenities to lead happy and successful lives. Our website contains all of the information you will need to apply at one of our properties for residency. You can review our application process and all about our communities and resources by going to our resources page. To read more about our social services programs click here.

Type of Properties we Manage

  • Section 8
  • Senior Living
  • Multifamily
  • Conventional